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Monthly Newsletter September 2020

Change. Why do some of us despise ? Or maybe we know things must change but we become complacent and procrastinate. That's when the Universe occasionally steps in and forces the changes that must occur for new growth to happen. As the Earth begins to change to another season, with reverence for the previous one, she does not resist, knowing that what is to come is necessary for life to progress. September is one of the transition months. We move from summer to autumn. A time to accept even embrace change. From relaxing, care-free, fun summer to hard work and responsibility. This can be hard for many people. 2020 in particular has been a year full of change, and in normal times change is uncomfortable and not welcome. Much of the world goes back to school and prepares for the last harvest of the year. Many of us drag our feet at the prospect. We don't want the summer to end, because it means playtime is over and it is now time to get things done. Time to make sure we are prepared. In the part of the world where I live, September brings some of the worst storms and hurricanes of the year. It is time for us to reassess what we have and double check everything including water, non-perishable foods and physical shelter. Once a storm hits, we share our resources with our neighbors and rebuild our community. The Tarot cards I associate with September are The Hermit, and the eight, nine and ten of pentacles. These cards represent that I have everything I need for now, and that I plan and take action for what I and my family will need in the future. That I will be working hard this month physically but also mentally. It may include lots of time for solitary contemplation and study, but we must also remember that Virgo rules most of September in Tropical astrology and Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury. This means that we will share what we are learning and have acquired throughout the year. We will have the urge to teach and be a mentor, or seek out a mentor to gather more knowledge. The later part of September is also the last harvest of the year, so hard work and focus is called for, yes, but our abundance is a blessing. How can we harvest what we've grown since March when our seeds were planted? Think back to what you were doing back in March and April. Did you set any new intentions, start a new routine, job or relationship? How has this given back to you? What have you learned from this experience? Have you manifested those intentions you set? What has flourished as a result of the seeds you have sown? Are you able to share your bounty? Now is a good time to teach a class or take a class! Buy that book about something you've always wanted to take up. You can even blog to share what you now know. We are like bees in a hive and each one of us has an important contribution to our society. Meditate on resilience as the winter months are soon to come. Crystals you should keep near this month are carnelian, red jasper, red calcite, flourite, tree agate, brown, green and green moss agate, aragonite, dogtooth calcite, prehnite, rutilated quartz, tiger iron and turquoise. Remember to be grateful for all that you do have. Have a prosperous and blessed month!

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