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The Power of Ancestral Healing

It's important this month to focus inward. Instead of prioritizing prosperity or any material gains, this is a time to direct your attention to your Higher Self. This connection must come first before trying to link to your Guardian Angel or any external spiritual help. Your inner being has a pathway that you agreed to follow before you were born.

Your Soul may be calling you towards some type of healing in April, especially mending around previous generations. Ancestral healing is highlighted and will help you in getting a better understanding of who you truly are and what your Soul’s or life's purpose is.

Call upon loving energy, guidance, and healing from distant relatives alive or crossed over to help you and support you for the next four weeks. Often in readings with clients, I get indications that your loved ones are trying to reach out to you. Look for lessons of trust and self-reliance.

Recognize every Spirit is part of your eternal family and that those who are in Heaven want to help you. While meditating or while in prayer or before you go to sleep, ask for guidance and inspiration for help in working things out with your current relationships. Take time to contemplate your sacred journey and where your Heart is leading you. Pay attention to the little synchronicities and breadcrumbs left for you to follow, as your loved ones and ancestors connect to your essence, compelling you to seek eternal healing now and even in your past lives. If you've been thinking of becoming a healer of some sort, now is the time to act.

Ancestral healing is a powerful form of healing that can help you to heal your Soul and reconnect with your ancestors. It is a way to honor and remember the wisdom and guidance of your ancestors, and to learn from their experiences. It is based on the belief that our ancestors are still with us, and that they can provide us with guidance and support. It is believed that our ancestors can help us to heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Ancestral healing can be done in many different ways.

One way is to connect with your ancestors through meditation. You can also use rituals, such as burning incense or offering food and drink to your ancestors. You can also use divination tools such as oracle cards or runes to connect with your ancestors. You can also ask your Guardian Angel or your Higher Power to facilitate the connection. Uniting can also be done through dream work. You can ask your ancestors to come to you in your dreams and provide guidance and healing. You can also use dream work to explore your family history and learn more about your ancestors. You can create a ceremony to honor your ancestors and ask for their guidance and healing. You can also use ceremony to connect with your ancestors and ask for their help in healing your Soul. Ancestral healing can be a powerful way to heal your Soul and reconnect with your ancestors. It can help you to learn from their wisdom and experiences and to honor their memory. It can also help you to heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Crystals are another powerful tool that can aid in your healing and connection. Visit my services page to learn more about crystal readings and Crystal Angel Reiki Therapy sessions.

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