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About Me

Karin, owner of Our Sacred Jorney.

Life is a Sacred Journey

Early on in childhood, I experienced connections with the unseen world. As with many aspects of childhood, these connections were often sporadic, unfocused, and random.  The sudden nature of these connections was at times the cause of uncertainty.  As the years passed, I recognized that this gift enabled me to help others because I could see and identify things that they could not.
To gain a better understanding of my abilities I began formal education in intuitive studies. I now hold numerous certifications in these areas. I now know that life is a sacred journey, and that the universe can guide us forward on that journey with the assistance of spirit and angels. My focus now is to bring forth awareness and healing through love by helping and teaching others to access their spiritual potential.

My Certifications

Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide issued to Karin.
Advanced Angel Card Mastery certification issues to Karin.
Crystal Energy Guide certification issued to Karin.
Oracle Guide certification from Colette Baron-Reid issued to Karin.
Logo for Certified Angel Tarot Reader logo.
Kyle Gray Angel Team logo.
HayHouse certified Card Reader logo.
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